Best wishes from mom and dad

It is similar to shooting a few words from ushers. The difference is that while the guys are there to have fun, parents are usually very busy and may not have much time for you.

So the strategy may be to ambush parents while they are posing for the formal photos with their son. Jump on them as soon as they are done. Find some nice and quiet spot. If you are in parents’ house, see if you can do it outside, on the front. If you prefer to do it inside, check if there is black and white wedding photo of mom and dad hung somewhere. Use it for the background.

Give mom and dad some time to put their thoughts together, then frame and roll.

2 thoughts on “Best wishes from mom and dad

  1. Hello:

    Before a Catholic wedding the bride’s mother says a “blessing” to her daughter. Is there a blessing for the groom’s mother to say to him?

    Thank you.

    Lynn Fauth

  2. Hi Lynn,

    As far as I know, there is no such thing as a blessing from groom’s mom. Although few times when I shot wishes from parents, they wanted to include their son in the shot and addressed to him, not to the camera. It was very nice and touching.

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