Shooting the bride getting dressed

Ask the bride to call you in when she is almost ready. All you need is the last touches. Bride in her beautiful dress, mom and bridesmaids trying to help her out. Get a shot of the mom putting earrings or a necklace, bridesmaids tightening the laces or zipping up the dress.

Depending on what the bride is feeling like, you may suggest videotaping her putting on the garter or the wedding shoes.

Keep it family rated.

4 thoughts on “Shooting the bride getting dressed

  1. Seriously, I’ve had a few brides, when getting dressed, who started to strip in front of me and have asked if I wanted to get some sexier and intimate shots of them with just their lingerie on.
    If a bride is comfortable with it, I just carry on, being polite and discreet.

  2. When we got married I had the photographer take some intimate photos of me in just veil and my white lace lingerie for hubby enjoyment.

    But sometimes, things just happen. The photographer, who included these photos only in our album, sent it accidentally to my husband’s parents.

    After our honey-moon, my mother in-law phoned Paul (my husband) for exchanging albums. Completely embarrassed I asked Paul what had they said. I answer: “My mother said that you are very beautiful and my father said that if you weren’t his favourite daughter-in-law, now you are”

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